Lower energy costs, migration, better data utilization. How will you best reduce costs?

Skyrocketing capital and operational costs make it challenging for oil and gas companies to balance operations and maintain profitability. Energy usage, for instance, can account for up to 43 percent* of refinery operating costs, so a small savings in energy can lead to big savings in cost. By introducing advanced, integrated information, control, power and safety solutions to your operations, you’ll drive productivity enhancements that bolster the bottom line and keep you ahead of the competition.

Whether it’s migration to a new automation system, improvements to existing processes or a new safety or energy strategy, with the right support that provides extensive industry experience, along with an innovative approach, you can better balance operations and maximize profitability. Our portfolio of digital field and asset management solutions gives you the services and support you need.

*Source: Ernst & Young as part of BP’s 2011 sustainability report.