With skyrocketing capital and operational costs and a shrinking pool of experienced workers, oil and gas companies today are looking for ways to maximize production while minimizing system complexity and costs.

Integrate Control
The PlantPAx process automation system offers open, standards-based multidiscipline control for continuous production.

  • A common design environment helps you seamlessly integrate information, control, power, safety, and condition monitoring
  • Our scalable, information-enabled architecture feeds data from the wellhead to production planning systems via role-based dashboards customized for anyone in your organization
  • The system is equipped with common tools and interfaces to reduce training, start-up commissioning and engineering time

Advanced process control functions enhance the performance of slow-response process loops to help you maximize asset utilization and accelerate troubleshooting to reduce downtime.

Increase Uptime
We are an oil and gas industry specialists that can tailor the PlantPAx system to fit your specific operational needs for faster first time to oil and gas, lower operational costs and/or improved operational efficiency.

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