The oil and gas industry suffers from the highest downtime costs of any industry, often topping out at over $1 million per hour. To avoid those astronomical, unplanned costs, keeping your vital assets healthy is paramount.

Increase asset availability with access to critical data
Intelligent motor control solutions that can help you control, monitor and improve the availability of rotating assets throughout your operations.

  • Fixed and variable speed control solutions, including low and medium voltage soft starters and drives, help drive operation efficiency and protect motors from excessive wear and tear that can cause unexpected failures
  • To monitor and report any out-of-spec behavior that might indicate motor failure, condition monitoring and motor control center hardware and software offer real-time diagnostics and inherent communications abilities to maximize equipment performance
  • Drive system solutions provide phased upgrades that allow you to take advantage of new technology right away, within your schedule and budget
  • Our power and energy management solutions allow you to view how, when, and where you’re using energy throughout your production process to help boost productivity, lengthen equipment life and improve profitability

Reduce downtime
All of our intelligent motor control solutions can be seamlessly integrated into the PlantPAx system to offer operators and maintenance staff one-stop access to critical asset data that can enhance safety, reduce downtime and increase productivity.

Irregularities in your facility’s power are also often a hidden source of unplanned downtime. Poor power quality can have a negative impact on both the performance and life expectancy of electronic components used in many applications.

From transients to voltage sags, the Allen-Bradley power quality portfolio consists of plant-wide to individual process- and equipment-level products that help you identify and mitigate power issues–to increase your uptime.

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