Reducing risk  and creating value throughout your production lifecycle - feasability & conceptual studies > frontend engineering and design > design & engineering > installation & commissioning > operation & maintenance > upgrades & migrations

We provide a wide range of services throughout the automation lifecycle.

Feasibility & Conceptual Studies

Are you planning a new installation or a brown field project and looking for the right partner who can help you address some key challenges such as operational excellence, process optimization, regulatory compliance, or infrastructure obsolescence? No matter what your business goals are, we have the right resources to help you. We understand that each project is unique and after thoroughly reviewing your processes and future needs, we follow a consistent approach to determine the scope of your project, and provide you with the appropriate options, plan, and set of services you need. Our services offering includes:

  • Conceptual Engineering
  • Consulting and Assessment
    • Regulatory Compliance
    • Installed Base
    • Risk Assessment
    • Criticality Analysis
    • Network and Security
    • Workforce Readiness

Front End Engineering & Design (FEED)

Front End Engineering and Design (FEED) can play a critical role in laying the foundation for ensuring that the Design and Engineering phase is implemented within the original project scope, on time, and within budget. These high-value engineering services occur at the beginning, or front end of a project to determine technical feasibility and develop a comprehensive Project Execution Plan. The recommended option(s) from the Feasibility and Conceptual phase are taken into account to develop the Engineering Scope of Work for Detailed Design. Benchmark studies show benefits of up to 30percent reduced cost and shorter project execution times when FEED studies are properly performed.

Our global team of engineers has expertise in process information, control, instrumentation, safety, networks, electrical infrastructure, and packaged equipment for the oil and gas industry segments including upstream, midstream, and downstream.

Our FEED services include:

  • Development of piping and instrumentation diagrams
  • Control narratives
  • Instrument indexes
  • Electrical one line diagrams
  • Electrical load list
  • Area classification
  • Safety Integrity Level (SIL) determination
  • Safety system design and documentation
  • Control system narrative
  • Process Safety Management (Process Hazard Analysis – PHA – participation)
  • Obsolescence studies
  • Instrument data sheets
  • I/O list and control system architecture
  • Package equipment solutions and upgrade specifications
  • Preparation of requirement specifications for major equipment supply
  • Develop Project Execution Plan (PEP – scope, schedule, and budget for project implementation)
  • Total Installed Cost estimate (TIC)

Design & Engineering

Using the right resources and processes can save you critical time and money on your project. Our Global Solutions have the expertise acquired over decades of working in the oil and gas industry. With the expertise, we have developed global engineering standards to streamline the detailed design and engineering process and help you achieve faster implementation and testing.

We provide Design & Engineering services for a wide range of systems including information, control, power and safety.

  • Detailed Design
    • Control system (hardware and software)
    • Electrical design and equipment specification
    • Monitoring and diagnostics infrastructure
    • Process safety
    • Network and security
  • Construction Management
    • Procurement
    • Supplier management / vendor control
    • Quality control
  • Fabrication
    • Electrical and control
    • eHouses
  • Testing, Simulation
  • Training
    • Customer engineering team
    • Develop workforce training plan (facility)

Installation & Commissioning

Maintaining team continuity over the course of a project and after the project is delivered is a critical success factor. We match our project team to your scope of work and specific support needs, to ensure that installation goes smoothly, and commissioning activities are performed in a timely manner. Our experienced field service professionals get involved early in the project to ensure a smooth transition from the engineering team to the long-term support team. We stay engaged with your team after the project is delivered to support your operations and ensure that the solutions delivered are updated to the latest technologies available to help you meet your performance goals.

  • Installation management
  • Field construction support
  • Functional validation support
  • Start-up support / Commissioning
  • Operator training
  • Maintenance staff training
  • Documentation / Handover package
  • Spare Parts Readiness / Management

Operations & Maintenance

Managing your day-to-day operations safely and efficiently has grown increasingly more difficult as maintenance and capital investment budgets continue to shrink; maximize your operations investment and reduce your downtime with the right support, skills and parts at the right time.

We offer comprehensive and cost-effective maintenance and repair services as well as a network of global repair hubs to help you extend the useful lifecycle of your automation equipment.

  • Remote support, monitoring and diagnostics
    • Network performance and security compliance
  • Comprehensive maintenance contracts
  • Virtual/ Resident support engineering
  • Performance management
  • Optimization services
  • Asset management / Reliability
  • Enhancements and upgrades
  • Workforce competency assessment

Upgrades & Migrations

No technology, regardless of how innovative, can last forever. To address product maturity without negatively impacting productivity, you need to rely on forward-looking suppliers who can help you prepare for the demands of tomorrow without compromising your ability to meet the requirements of today. Our commitment to helping you protect your investment and strategically migrate your installed base makes our products a sound investment today, tomorrow, and well into the future. We can help you identify, mitigate and eliminate automation obsolescence risks and sustain your production demands. We provide upgrades and migrations solution for multiple platforms, including systems previously supplied by 3rd parties.

  • System audits and impact assessment
  • Spare parts management
  • Site survey
  • Installed base assessment
  • Hardware / Software upgrades including safety systems
  • Network and security assessment
  • Safety validation audit
  • Training
  • End of life; risk mitigation; lifecycle management and planning, migration services
  • DCS / Control system migration