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Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG)

LNG efficiently transported from producer to consumer is helping the world meet its ever increasing energy needs. While liquefied natural gas can offer substantial rewards, it also poses significant challenges: Tough environmental and safety regulations mandate constant vigilance. Volatile markets demand agile response. And tight business conditions require operational excellence. From the turbo-expander controls to the information and planning systems, Rockwell Automation understands these challenges and we have products, solutions and services resulting in lower total cost of ownership.

LNG Applications:

  • Terminal Automation System (TAS) – Intuitive, integrated and easy to use our intelligent Terminal Automation Systems is designed to monitor, control and manage the entire product handling process from receiving to storage to distribution in a terminal. Our system uses data integration as its core, and combines automatic control and business management functions. It is an integrated, modular, open and scalable solution that helps ensure the safe and stable operation, optimal management and profit maximization of the terminal. It drives the operation of the hardware system and interfaces seamlessly with the ERP level of the facility owner. When combined with the viewing capability of our HMI and reporting tools it provides a robust and safe system compliant to ISA 95 standards
  • Turbo expander, compressors and Turbomachinery Control (TMC) systems – Our TMC solutions for steam turbine systems and reciprocating, centrifugal compressors are flexible, configurable, low cost packaged systems using standard Rockwell Automation products and open architecture programming. The XM series products can be incorporated to provide condition monitoring, overspeed protection, advanced troubleshooting, and diagnostics bringing greater visibility and functionality to turbine and compressor control; protecting some of the most critical plant assets
  • Process safety, including Emergency Shut Down systems (ESD) and Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS) at all Safety Integrity Levels (SIL) – Our safety products meet stringent design requirements and are configurable up to SIL3 TMR. Our controllers set new standards for reliability and availability, increasing safety and productivity while reducing downtime, nuisance trips and lifecycle costs
  • Gas and liquid pipeline SCADA
  • Leak detection