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As the need for energy increases around the globe, demand for additional oil and gas resources increases with it. Oil and gas fields are rapidly developing and you need a supplier to deploy cost-effective modular solutions that leverage standard equipment and consistent design.

We have decades of experience providing solutions to the oil and gas industry around the globe. Our proven control technology is supported by one of the largest user bases in the market. We offer integrated information, control, power and safety solutions for traditional onshore fields, as well as natural gas and nontraditional sources including oil sands, extra heavy crude, shale gas and coal bed methane. We are a market leader in Motor Control Centers (MCC), Variable Frequency Drives (VFD), Medium Voltage Drives (MVD) and power components.

Our global team of oil and gas industry specialists is dedicated to helping you achieve first oil and gas in the shortest possible time, achieve standardized system design and maximize reservoir recovery. Our experience includes production in the extreme environments found in most oil and gas fields, safety systems (up to SIL 3) and remote asset management and supervision. This is enabled through the use of the latest technologies and developing architectures including Cloud storage and process Virtualization.


Our onshore exploration and production capabilities include:

Drill Rigs

We offer proven control and safety technologies and project delivery management. We offer full lifecycle services from engineering design services (EDS) through to site customer support. With one of the largest install base Rockwell Automation and our PartnerNetwork offer market-leading solutions and technologies that can be used throughout your drill rig applications, including:

  • Skid package control systems
  • Integrated Control and Safety Systems (ICSS)
    • Driller cab automation
    • Asset management (status monitoring, data historian and version control)
    • Top drives systems
    • Drawworks systems
    • Pipe handling systems
    • Blow-out prevention (BOP) systems
    • Mud handling and mud pump systems
  • Pump, compressor, Turbomachinery Control (TMC) – Our TMC solutions for reciprocating, centrifugal and steam turbine systems are flexible, configurable, low cost packaged systems using standard Rockwell Automation products and open architecture programming. The XM series products for condition monitoring, overspeed protection, advanced troubleshooting, and diagnostics brings greater visibility and functionality to turbine and compressor control; protecting some of the most critical plant assets
  • Power solutions – Our Industry leading Arc Resistant Intelligent Motor Control solutions protect your most precious asset–your people. Variable speed drives can help optimize your process and reduce energy consumption

Oil Production

Whether operating a conventional oil field or producing resources from oil sands, shale and coal beds, an integrated control and safety solution can help simplify your operations, boost recovery and help keep staff and plant safe.

We integrate solutions for controls, power, safety and asset management can improve operations in a variety of applications including:

  • Oil and NGL processing facilities
    • Amine unit controls
    • Acid gas and sulfur unit controls
    • Vapor recovery systems and blanket gas control
  • Process stabilizing facilities
  • Artificial lift, pump off control, steam generation and injection systems
  • SAG-D production facilities
  • Oil sands production facilities

Gas Production

As nations around the globe search for cleaner energy options, the production and use of natural gas is projected to double over the next 20 years.

To help meet that demand, we offer control solutions for onshore gas production, including shale gas operations. Our integrated solutions improve production efficiency for applications including:

  • NG and NGL process controls
    • Pigging and slug catching controls
    • Amine unit controls
    • Acid gas and sulfur unit controls
    • Flare unit BMS
  • Process stabilizing facilities
  • Artificial lift, steam generation and injection systems

Water Treatment, Storage & Injection

There are approximately 14 billion barrels of water annually extracted during oil and gas production activities.

The water leaving the wellhead separation equipment is by no means clean, as it contains residual oil in the form of small droplets dispersed in the water, solids, and small amounts of dissolved hydrocarbons, gases and lighter hydrocarbons. Water is collected from multiple wellheads either by truck or pipeline for enhanced oil recovery and treatment before being pumped to a former producing zone for disposal or is re-injected for more enhanced oil recovery.

We have the ability to provide water treatment control solutions to manned and unmanned water treatment facilities. In either case our control systems can provide the highest levels of system diagnostics and alarm management to notify operations of the system operation. In the remote locations of these facilities, this enables maintenance response in the shortest possible times thus minimizing production losses.

  • Produced water gathering line pressure and flow control
  • Multi-phase separation
  • Produced water high efficiency filtration
  • Frac water filtration and clean up
  • Condensate heater treaters
  • Water storage tank measurement and control
  • Injection pump controls (VFD and starters)
  • Condensate metering and LACT units
  • Produced water truck terminal control
  • SCADA systems/telemetry