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Pipeline & Transportation

Miles of new pipeline infrastructure is built around the globe each year to help meet rising demands for energy. Whether your pipelines are remote and unmanned or passing near city centers, keeping product safely flowing 24/7 is a critical part of your operations.

We provide a wide range of integrated information, control, power and safety solutions for pipeline and transportation. We offer the latest automated dynamic fluid routing, metering and remote security solutions that help securely manage product movement, keep accurate inventory and dispatch to the right locations. We design our equipment, including extreme temperature (XT) products, to work in the harshest of environmental conditions (temperature, humidity and area classifications).

With our tools and expertise, we provide pipeline control solutions that are robust, safe, scalable and reusable. We use off-the-shelf components that help ensure compliance of demanding industry regulations.

Our team of oil and gas specialists can help you design, deploy and maintain your pipeline with enhanced safety and improved efficiency.

Our global team of oil and gas industry specialists is dedicated to helping you achieve first oil and gas in the shortest possible time, achieve standardized system design and maximize reservoir recovery. Our experience includes production in the extreme environments found in most oil and gas fields, safety systems (up to SIL 3) and remote asset management and supervision. This is enabled through the use of the latest technologies and developing architectures including Cloud storage and process Virtualization.


Pipeline SCADA & Station HMI

Effectively monitor and manage your pipeline infrastructure with Rockwell Automation SCADA host solutions that include the following applications:

  • Transmission management systems
  • Visualization and reporting for:
    • Pump stations
    • Compressor stations
    • Pipeline safety systems
    • Terminal tank gauging
    • Terminal metering
    • Real-time modeling (RTM)
    • Remote gate valves
    • System trends
  • Terminal and inventory management systems
  • Alarm management and event monitoring
  • Asset management

Compressor Stations

Compressor stations are a critical cornerstone of any pipeline network. They help maintain a continuous flow of gas throughout the pipeline and must operate 24/7. The systems respond to demands sent from main station control rooms and can respond to local changes to maintain consistent safe pipeline pressures.

To help you keep gas flowing more safely and consistently, We offer a range of integrated solutions to help you deliver your product efficiently and reliably. Our solutions can be used for compressor station applications, including:

  • Site process control systems
    • Pigging and slug catching controls
    • Amine unit controls
    • Acid gas and sulfur unit controls
    • Flare unit BMS
    • Fuel system management
  • Compressor anti-surge control
  • Continuous emissions monitoring and environmental reporting systems
  • Fire and Gas detection (F&G)

Pump Stations

Maintaining a consistent flow of product throughout your pipeline network is dependent upon the reliability of your pump stations.

Source pump stations are typically at the nexus of gathering lines either from a single operator or a consortium designed to assist producers in bringing their liquid products to market. In addition, booster pump stations maintain pipeline pressure required to deliver crude downstream to either the next booster station or the terminal. In all cases, we can bring to bear integrated solutions and technical expertise needed to help you seamlessly monitor, maintain and control each pump station to increase throughput and enhance pipeline safety.

Whether on utility power or self-generated diesel or turbine generators, we have a complete array of motors, drives, power distribution and control equipment to meet the needs. These include medium or low voltage pump control VFD’s, smart motor controllers, MCCs for balance of plant utilities, utility controls and vibration monitoring. Site control can be managed with our PlantPAx process control system. In addition to the main pump station process controller, we provide full safety system controls for all personnel and equipment safety features such as fire and gas monitoring and shutdown, pressure relief control on pipeline pressure, and remote gate valve supervision and control and of course, leak detection.

Our extensive experience with pipeline pump station applications include:

  • Pump units (unit controls including unit utilities such as cooling systems, lube oil systems, and vibration monitoring)
  • Process control (pipeline pressure and flow)
  • Heating systems
  • Additive blending and treating systems, including drag reducing agent management
  • Process safety, including leak detection and maximum allowed operating pressure (MAOP) management – Our safety systems monitor the line pressure at pump station inlet and outlet to ensure safe pipeline pressures are maintained at all times
  • Pig management (launchers and receivers, pump station pass through sequencing)
  • Remote gate valve (RGV) management – Rockwell Automation provides a full suite of tools to implement controls from the RGV controller (with full SIL control if needed) as well as communications and redundancy capabilities needed for the most demanding applications
  • Remote pump station power management (black start, turbine generator management, utility interface controls)

Terminal Automation (Truck, Rail & Ship)

As a key stage in your delivery process, improving the operational efficiency of your terminal and storage facilities can mean quicker time to market and increased profits.

We deliver a wide range of integrated solutions and services for terminal and storage tank facilities. The Terminal Automation System (TAS) is designed to monitor, control and manage the entire product handling process from receiving to storage to distribution in a terminal.

Our system uses data integration as its core, and combines automatic control and business management functions. It is an integrated, modular, open and scalable solution that helps ensure the safe and stable operation, optimal management and profit maximization of the terminal. It drives the operation of the hardware system and interfaces seamlessly with the ERP level of the facility owner. When combined with the viewing capability of our HMI and reporting tools it provides a robust and safe system compliant to ISA 95 standards.

Our extensive experience with terminal applications include:

  • Tank farm and dynamic fluid flow management
  • Terminal automation process control and safety systems/ESD
  • Manifold systems
  • Loading systems (berths, trucks and rail)
  • Customer, vessel, truck, car MES management and ERP interface
  • Additives, blending, treating
  • Vapor recovery systems and incineration
  • Ballast water treatment
  • Site security and fire and gas detection